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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Word Challenge: Two Words, One Speech – Our President’s!


Many of us got off to a luxuriantly late start on this President’s Day, including RIISE! With a later than usual release of this 6th and last installment of our Word Challenge, graciously and adeptly delivered by wordsmith Akil Bello – Bell Curves, this final installment is delivered with delight!   For the past 5 weeks, […]

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Working Waitlisted…thanks Annette

How to work an NYC private school waitlist by Alina Adams, NY Gifted Education Examiner Just as some people’s private school journeys came to an end this weekend with notifications of acceptances and rejections, others are still in the thick of things as they wait to find out if the waitlist at their first choice […]

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Word Challenge: Two Words, One Speech – Frederick Douglass!


Love This Giant of a Man!!!…thank you Akil! In keeping with the theme of Independence Day, this weeks speech was delivered by Fredrick Douglass in 1852. This speech is not only a great oration it also provides an interesting insight into the time and place of its delivery. Douglass had been invited to speak as […]

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Word Challenge: Two Words, One Speech – You’ll Never Guess


Mr. Bello, you really surprised me this time! Really? Independence Day?? I must say, I too was inspired by this straight out of Hollywood speech.  Disaster Flicks http://disasterflicks.com/movies/independence-day-speech.html Movie Clips http://movieclips.com/5qmMy-independence-day-movie-the-presidents-s… Great speeches use deliberate language and strong vocabulary to sway the audience to a point of view, address injustice, or simply to inspire. We’ve looked a at […]

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