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Rada Film Group has teamed up with the College Board, to help bring attention to the “All In” campaign. “All In” is designed to ensure that every student of color with the potential to succeed in an Advanced Placement course, takes AP. On behalf of The College Board, we have created a series of videos that share the stories of students of color enrolled in AP. Through their own experience, the students highlight the advantages and benefits of enrolling in AP courses in high school.

Meet Kayla: 

We need more examples of students of color to take APs. Kayla’s message ultimately isn’t about taking an AP course, it’s about developing an understanding as early as possible that hard work, pushing yourself to do better, and striving towards excellence pays off. In a recent study, black children born into middle class families are still victim to falling into an income bracket lower than their parents – in some cases 7 out of 10. Talk to your child about pushing for excellence.
Our goal is get high school students of color to view this! I’m reaching out because I want to see about posting information on the next Riise newsletter.  I’m more than happy to craft specific language for the newsletter. 
Why now? On March 9, 2015, the College Board emailed this video to every student across the nation, who has been identified as having AP potential through based on their scores on the PSAT/NMSQT, as part of our campaign work to expand access to AP. For most school districts, the deadline for AP registration is the end of April.

Will you help support the campaign? Attached find our supporter toolkit. This is the first in a series of videos, some of which will also launch this fall.

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