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Sista Spells Abracadabra!


artist: Elon Collins What woman of color didn’t blush as Mehgan Markle ascended the British monarchy like only a Sista could. She defied racial and social status designed for her. Heck, she may have even single-handedly saved the monarchy by redefining convention and inserting her identity as feminist and woman of color. And, what about […]

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Post # 7: What We’ve Learned. Independent School Educators.


Over the years we’ve experienced how the selective process of independent school teacher recruitment benefits overall classroom dynamics, curriculum, and student outcomes. Independent school educators tend to be passionate and empowered about teaching. They come prepared, not just with degrees but areas of expertise. They are enthusiastic and many share their outside interests through after-school […]

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Post #5: What We’ve Learned. Many Journeys.

elon bamboo japan

Kyoto, Japan ’17 I almost lost my job because of travel.  Accompanying my then fifth-grade daughter on a school trip to the Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica was not up for discussion. Could I let her miss out on global and ideas exchange with peers in Central America? No. So, along with other parents, […]

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Post #4: What We’ve Learned. Independent defined.


Kerry Marshall’s SOB, SOB   Independent def: self-governing: not requiring or relying on something else: a person of independent means To be enrolled in an independent school as a family of color is the very essence of independence. It is the act of being ambitious and brave. It is an act of non-conformity. The collective […]

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Post #3: What We’ve Learned. Getting In.

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This is a perfect time of the year to begin to research independent schools. To be truthful, the earlier you start the better. Kick it off with a complimentary 30-minute RIISE consultation, and attend various Spring admission events. Having spent over a decade in an independent school and through the observations of others with RIISE, […]

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Post #2: What We’ve Learned. Preparing for College.

girl happy studying math_opt

Whoo-hoo! My daughter is completing her junior year at an independent school, and, I am absolutely thrilled to help support her search for a great college. Over the years, we’ve received sage advice from those who’ve already grabbed the brass ring. Here are three things we’ve learned that should take the edge off of applying […]

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Post #1: What We’ve Learned. Celebrating Ten Years.

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Post #1 If you are a family of color thinking about, or already enrolled in independent schools, this post is for you! Attending an independent school can have huge returns on education, networks, extraordinary experiences, and skills that can have a positive effect on the future of families and communities. During the past decade, RIISE […]

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Check Out These Awesome April Events!

Simple Blooming Flower Instagram Post

4.10 Historical Roots of and Strategies to Address the “N-word” and Other Bias Language | RSVP 4.16 3:30 PM, PST. | Register  4.18 Fearless Conversations: How to Better Engage in The Art of Difficult Conversations? Why do we avoid those difficult conversations? Perhaps, we put them off because we don’t have the language to effectively respond to things. Maybe […]

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Preparing To Rock The Test? SSAT | SHSAT | ISEE | PSAT | SAT | ACT


RIISE has searched long and hard for a high quality, results driven test preparation resource for our families, and we are excited to announce that we have decided to collaborate with NYC DOE approved TestRocker, Inc. Be ready, so you don’t have to get ready.   About TestRocker:  The founders of TestRocker, two females of […]

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2.27 | Honest Race Talk: How Do we Overcome the Fears, with Dr. Derald Wing Sue


  Horace Mann School invites you to… Dr. Derald Wing Sue, Honest Race Talk: How Do We Overcome the Fears? Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Horace Mann School 231 West 246th Street 6:30 – 8:30 PM Open to Independent School Educators and Families More from Dr. Derald Wing Sue on his book Race Talk And The […]

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