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Post # 7: What We’ve Learned. Independent School Educators.


Over the years we’ve experienced how the selective process of independent school teacher recruitment benefits overall classroom dynamics, curriculum, and student outcomes. Independent school educators tend to be passionate and empowered about teaching. They come prepared, not just with degrees but areas of expertise. They are enthusiastic and many share their outside interests through after-school […]

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Post #6: What We’ve Learned. Parent Development.


As RIISE celebrates a decade of inspiring families of color to experience an independent school education, post #5: ‘What We’ve Learned’, has gone way back. This 2009, repost reminds parents of color and parents of children of color to show up whenever and however they can in independent school settings. We know how important parent […]

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Post #5: What We’ve Learned. Many Journeys.

elon bamboo japan

Kyoto, Japan ’17 I almost lost my job because of travel.  Accompanying my then fifth-grade daughter on a school trip to the Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica was not up for discussion. Could I let her miss out on global and ideas exchange with peers in Central America? No. So, along with other parents, […]

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Post #4: What We’ve Learned. Independent defined.


Kerry Marshall’s SOB, SOB   Independent def: self-governing: not requiring or relying on something else: a person of independent means To be enrolled in an independent school as a family of color is the very essence of independence. It is the act of being ambitious and brave. It is an act of non-conformity. The collective […]

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10 Years: A Prepared Journey


  Born of the Civil Rights & Black Power movements, I went on to graduate from an HBCU. By birth, education, and calling I am prepared to speak up for racial justice, educational equity, and when necessary interrupt systems that disrupt them. Ten years ago, I had an unforgettable conversation with our then head of lower school, Sandy […]

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