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RIISE is serious about empowering families of color with tools to fully experience an independent school education. Our commitment to inclusive recruitment, as well as well-balanced retention, is what makes RIISE a good solution for families that want a roadmap through it. Resources In Independent School Education is a lifestyle network building bridges and creating paths for families on the independent school journey.

What a Dad had to say…”Comprehensive help took me from 0 to 100 in knowledge in short time.”

How does your membership journey look?

Visionary Member – You’re busy. You see it, but you don’t have the time to do it—we’re your concierge!

Doer Member – You can do it. You just need a strategic roadmap—we’ve got that!

Thinker Member – You’re still thinking about school choice—we’ll keep you informed!


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RIISE Roadmaps

RIISE Roadmap ID™ This personalized educational assessment is based on your family’s cultural, social, & educational framework. It will validate experiences while allowing you to identify your family’s goals for academic and social success at an independent school. Your RIISE Roadmap ID™ will help guide the journey by answering the fundamental questions that most families of color have about this educational quest.

RIISE Roadmap Parent Pathway Toolkit™ RIISE believes in the power of parent/school partnerships to help create successful environments for enrolled children of color, their peers, parents, and faculty. This toolkit guides enrolled families with equity & inclusion best practices for identifying, attaining and impacting influence around recruitment, development, leadership, culture and curriculum.

RIISE Roadmap to Independent School Success & Beyond is our electronic guidebook series that shifts the narrative to include experiences of families of color at the crossroads of distinguished education, race, class, and culture. Supported by industry research, scholars, and thought leaders this guidebook will take you through the pathway of self-discovery as you pursue a rewarding independent school experience for you and your family.


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