12/11- RIISE Workshop @ Columbia Grammar & Prep – The Impact of Bullying & Micro-Agressions in 2014 w/Delia Farquharson, LCSW (Sticks and Stones)

12/11, 5pm

This workshop is facilitated by RIISE’s social & emotional advisor Delia Farquharson, LCSW & Life Coach, and is open to the entire Columbia Grammar & Prep community. Please RSVP with Mosaic Chair at ebonylea23@yahoo.com


With several recent tragic outcomes related to bullying, this subject has taken a prominent role in many discussions related to schools and social emotional child development. Parents often feel overwhelmed and underprepared to address this topic with students. This presentation takes a honest look at both bullying and micro-aggressions. 

These behaviors are defined, then concrete examples are provided to allow adults to effectively label bullying and examine how it presents differently in boys and girls. Next, the presentation looks at current statistics, and the impact on development for bullies, the bullied and bystanders.

In exploring micro-aggressions, the presentation discusses this less understood behavior and how it intersects with diversity and privilege in the school environment. Finally, the presentation shares strategies that school staff and parents can utilize to help children deal with bullying and micro-aggression. Participants are provided with practical tools on how talk with, and support everyone impacted by both bullying and micro-aggressions, and how schools can be more responsive to the needs of community members.

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