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A Little Black History – The Gullah

I just met a really cool ally around recruitment and retention of families of color at independent schools. He has a rich Gullah ancestral background, and so do I. Check out some interesting and enlightening facts about a group of people who by their very isolation off the coast of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, have kept African […]

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My son is a smart, loving, busy little bee. He is six and in kindergarten at an independent school. Having made that last statement, I am sure you are not suprised to know the philosophy is little to no homework at this grade level. But, with me as his mom, and a third grade sister […]

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Straight Talk

I have to admit that it has been with a bit of trepidation that I truly blog with RIISE. I mean, really engage in some straight talk, talk that is from the heart and sharing of real experiences. Because I never want to offend or turn off potential members, blogging has been caught up in all that trepidation stuff, hence the 4 […]

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