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Gong Xi Fa Cai – Celebrating Chinese New Year!

  A couple of things are coming to mind as this blog is being posted. We had a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year with fellow RCS parents. The International Parents Committee did a great job and we thank Mingyuan & Shanming for hosting. Best Chinese food ever-delish!!! We practiced Mandarin in between bites. […]

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RIISE Spotlight: Kermit Burns @ Léman

As luck would have it, we met up with kindergarten teacher, Kermit Burns, before his kids returned from woodworking class. Watch this RIISE Spotlight video blog about Kermit, his classroom, his school. Thank you,Mr. Burns!

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Still Waiting to Exhale

  For those who’ve been traveling the long road of independent school admissions have now have arrived at one of three destinations, each having a distinctly different feel to it. Note: even those just beginning the journey can consider this quick a trip advisor and plan accordingly. You’re on point, you have arrived at the […]

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Fencer, Iman Blow wins big!

  I understand that at the upper school there’s a girl whose on fire! Winning the silver and the gold at the 2013 Junior Olympics, Iman Blow’s accomplishments will definitely impress and inspire my lower school boy and many other kids who’ve  taken a liking to fencing. Congrats Iman, we see you!

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Calhoun’s Deconstructing Racism partners with The New Jim Crow

  As you may recall, RIISE member school, Calhoun was awarded a $250,000 grant in 2012 by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to create a three-part program for students on Deconstructing Racism. Recently, I visited Calhoun’s site , and I was blown away to learn of the expanded joint venture with Michelle Alexander, author of The […]

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House Divided, A Poem…tx Jonina for sharing!

Thank you Jonina Herter, Early Learning Educator – RCS, for sharing this beautiful and powerful poem with RIISE.   House Divided by Kyle Dargan         On a railroad car in your America, I made the acquaintance of a man who sang a life-song with these lyrics: “Do whatever you can/ to avoid […]

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Words Words Words – Word Challenge Pt III: altercation!

Today’s word is brought to you by pop princess Rihanna and President John Adams. Once again we are juxtaposing these two uses of the word to show the benefit of a well-developed vocabulary and how parents and students can learn new words actively, dynamically, and over the course of their lives rather than waiting for […]

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Talking About Race K-5 Educator Workshop

Talking About Race K-5: A Hands-On Workshop for Visionary Educators What do you say when a child asks you a difficult question about race? When: Saturday, March 9, 2013 | 10am – 4pm Where: The IDEAL School – 314 West 91st Street Border Crossers invites you to participate in an exciting day of professional development for educators seeking tools and language to […]

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Words Words Words – Word Challenge Pt II: bona fide!

This week’s word is brought to you by President William Howard Taft and arguably (ostensibly?) one of his favorite musicians ever, M.I.A. The 15th president and the songstress found the beauty of the English language in the use of bona fide. And while they each used it in very different contexts, they both used it to convey a context that almost no other word can capture […]

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Five Myths of Talking About Race With Your Child

RIISE thanks Jaime-Jin Lewis, Executive Director of Border Crossers for debunking the myths and giving us tools…   I get a lot of mixed feedback when I say that adults need to learn to speak openly about race with young children. They are afraid of spoiling their childhood or crushing their natural curiosities. However, when […]

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