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Some Considerations for Dads’ on Father’s Day – Dr. Ernest Morrell

RIISE met up with Horace Mann Dad, Ernest Morrell, recently as he facilitated a revealing and authentic Parent Diversity Panel at HM. Ernest, with all his letters, represents many of the amazing dads of color at independent schools and he is talking directly to Dad in honor of the day they share, Father’s Day! Thanks […]

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Happy Father’s Day Kenyatta & Cesar

In honor of Father’s Day meet two incredible Dad’s of Color at Riverdale Country School       The ?’s 1.  Did your wives carry you kicking and screaming to the application process for independent schools?   2.  You both are busy men running your own businesses. Tell us what you do and how you manage […]

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Parents have Hot Spots & Questions. Feedback & Answers Here.

    It was standing room only for many of the workshops at the RIISE Parent Power Conference last month. The workshops were presented by incredibly generous parents along with administrators, faculty, and thought leaders around the ins and outs of the recruitment process; what it takes to stick it out and flourish at an […]

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Innovative Summer Immersion: Focus on STEM!

RIISE is thrilled to have Joy Lawson Davis in our network!  Joy is a well respected and fantastic resource supporting our talented kids! Innovative Summer Immersion: Focus on STEM!! Guest post by: Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D., Author of ‘Bright, Talented & Black: A guide for Families of African American Gifted Learners’ and Board Member, National […]

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RIISE Spotlight, Chapin Girls Lead! Meet Vivian & Garcelle 2013

  RIISE had a lot of fun meeting and interviewing two bright young graduates,  Vivian Guo and Garcelle Coldros, at the Chapin School. Vivian and Garcelle, are on top of the world and on top of their game. They are both attending amazing colleges in the fall and are ready to lead.  Watch as they […]

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Six Sure Shot Simple Ways to Have a Dynamic Summer with Family

RIISE was introduced to Mary Pender Greene as we received the Community Partnership Award from Border Crossers this spring. We look forward to working with Mary in brining the RIISE network great content and resources as we move into a new school year. In the meantime, here are Mary’s thoughts on summer fun, learning, and […]

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RIISE Spotlight Simone Hristidis, Head of Lower School CGPS

How long were you Dir of Admissions for Columbia Grammar & Prep School? I was director of Admissions for 17 years, after having taught for 8 years. How did that position prepare you for your current position of Head of Lower School? I think that both my past experience in admissions and teaching serve me […]

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Spotlight on Sebastian Perez – CTY Award Recipient

            We’ve known the Perez family since entering Kindergarten at RCS. We go way back! Ivette and I often have moments of exchange offering each other Parenting 101 Lifelines for the past six years. We also share in celebrating our kid’s achievements. Both Sebastian and Elon participated in an intensive […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Prepare for the SAT this Summer

We want to thank Riverdale Alum, Edem Dzubey for introducing us to Trinity Alum, Sybil St. Hilare who Rocks with Sonali Mathur & the the rest of the TestRocker Team. RIISE was invited to experience TestRocker and was blown away! Think SAT, Mom/Tutor Authority, Digital Platform, Results, Cost Effective…we look forward to sharing more of […]

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