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The Bridge

  Summer presented no gaps for this indy school mom. I challenged myself to check a few things off my bucket list like walking the Brooklyn Bridge with my kids, go gluten-free (ok, I did eat a slice at Grimaldi’s when I got to the other side of the bridge!), and make meaningful connections with […]

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RIISE Roadmap: Admissions – Filling Up The Gas Tank – What You Should Know Before You Apply

  Written by Jason H. Caldwell Director of Admissions Horace Mann School Part I As the Director of Admissions and alum of an elite independent school, I am intimately familiar with the admissions process and the stress and anxiety that go along with it. While for some, the process can be daunting, the truth is […]

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RIISE Spotlight: Persistence en pointe! Jalen Daniels

  Honestly, ballet is not about fairies, and dying swans. Underneath the tutus, leotards, and tights there is a warrior. Because of ballet, I have learned tenacity, dedication, and ambition. These qualities ultimately help me navigate my personal ‘battlefield’ in my life. When I was younger, I was so fascinated about the capability to dance […]

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Back to School Tips: Students & Parents

It’s that time of the year again-“back to school”! September is a great time to start anew. High School in particular is comprised of four important years that can chart a students course for success in college or the workforce. Whether entering or leaving post secondary education, now is the time to prepare. Here are […]

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Confessions of a Parent – The Top 10 Frustrations for Parents Considering Independent Schools

            It is frustrating… 1.       that there are so many steps to this process of applying to independent schools 2.       figuring out if you should send your child to an independent school or another specialized school 3.       when you do not understand the steps in which to take to apply for an independent […]

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