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RIISE Shares – Young Womyn of Strength Conference @Brooklyn Friends Register

Register here… 1pOCxqaQ66Lrp5mfwp9- EQnuzWMnXpM9d6-m-MHDRbbk/ viewform     Register Now…. 1pOCxqaQ66Lrp5mfwp9- EQnuzWMnXpM9d6-m-MHDRbbk/ viewform Ms. Orinthia Swindell – Associate Director of Diversity   Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. – Director of Diversity Diversity Office @ Brooklyn Friends School   Ms. Orinthia Swindell – Associate Director of Diversity   Dr. Eddie Moore, […]

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Registration Open – Girls of Color & The Women They Become: Looking at Success Through an Independent School Lens 4/12

Where my girls at? Yes, that was grammatically incorrect. But, there’s just no other way to say it! We are calling all girls of color who attend/attended an independent day or boarding school to spend some time with the RIISE network as we lift you up. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time, and for […]

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The Prep School Negro Reframed: RIISE Podcast & 2/27 Doc + Live Chat w/Dir on OVEE!

Hi RIISE Network, Check out our podcast with director and prep school graduate, Andre Robert Lee as we take a deeper look at the documentary that paved the way for American Promise. Do you know what psychological homelessness feels like? We talk with director Andre Robert Lee about the exact moment he knew he had […]

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Relevant Re-post – My Child Didn’t Get In. Now What?

Sheri Robertson is RIISE’s newest advisor who will focus on Admissions. Sheri jumped on board just as the 2014-15 admissions letters began to arrive providing valued consultation to many of the families who attended our Fall Boutique Recruitment Event. Families not accepted, placed on the wait list, or who had multiple acceptances to choose from […]

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The Woman Behind American Promise – Michéle Stephenson

We’ve been watching this woman share her experiences as a mother, filmmaker, and social justice activist. Michéle Stephenson is the other half of the filmmaking duo that brought us American Promise. The documentary has become a movement to support black male achievment. American Promise and Michéle have created a vibrant dialogue across the country from […]

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As you move on up…6 y/o Blake Ansari shows you how to connect with community!

“When you listen to your community, learn from community and help your community you connect to your best self” Blake Ansari – 2014, 6 y/o Independent School Student As parents of children of color attending independent schools, I often wonder if we can be doing a better job of maintaining or creating connections outside of […]

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High Ability Learner? You Must Listen In: RIISE interview Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Listen in as Dr. Joy Lawson Davis talks about upcoming RIISE event, My High Achieving Kid of Color is Doing Just Fine!, Right?; the thin line between gifted, talented, & high ability; and why it’s vital that parents and educators be highly engaged with the cultural diversity challenges & success strategies for the high ability […]

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An Admissions Love Note: The Waiting Game, from Elizabeth Perez Azerad

Today is Valentine’s Day and it also happens to be D-(decision) day for parents to show some love by accepting a coveted seat offered by an independent school. The admissions process is a heart-wrenching one no matter the outcome. So, our multicultural advisor, Elizabeth is sending an admissions love note for ALL who applied for […]

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Postscript to the Admissions Letter…P.S., What’s your next move?

It’s been a long road for families applying to independent schools. RIISE hopes that you got what you asked for. But, we know many families have not. The independent school admissions process is selective. There are always more applicants than there are opportunities for placement. If you got into your first & second choice school, […]

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#BMAWeek Day #5 closes w/André Robert Lee-The Prep School Negro + Tyree & Mr. Tim @ Léman Manhattan

What a week! We want to thank you, our network, for your daily attention and response to the celebration of a valued member of our independent school communities – the black male. As we reflect on the remarkable men celebrated this week, we are reminded of RIISE friend and film maker André Robert Lee. The Prep […]

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