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5.9 – Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Raising a Child of Color within Independent Schools Friends Academy and RIISE (Resources In Independent School Education) invites you to join a panel of parents & educators on Monday, May 9th, at 7pm to examine the benefits and challenges families of color experience as they navigate independent schools. What does it mean to receive a great academic education while navigating the racial, social, and economic […]

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Some Indy School Best Practices!

Why re-invent the wheel, when we can grow community by sharing what we do best! Our schools are lucky to have the insight & creativity that our diverse families bring to the community. RIISE encourages families of color to give voice to their perspectives, gain consensus, and make things happen! Regardless of your role in […]

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Technology + Suniti = Private Tutor

Over the next several months, our affiliate Test Rocker, will offer our college bound students a series of Test Rocking Challenges as they re-introduce us to the benefits of accessing our own private tutor, through technology – saving us both time and money! Besides TECHNOLOGY , what makes Test Rocker really ROCK is the TUTOR. Meet world renowned […]

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Bridging the Great Divide Through Parent Engagement

This Saturday at NYC G&T Symposium join Gina Parker Collins & a fantastic group of panelists as they discuss the value of parent engagement… Bridging the Great Divide with Parent Engagement: Common Threads That Weave SuccessHow much does parent engagement or lack thereof determine the educational outcome of our children? What can we as parents do better […]

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College: Changes That Matter

by RIISE guest blogger & wordsmith, Akil Bello This year has been a hectic time in college admission testing (and college access in general). There have been significant changes to the SAT, minor changes to the ACT, radical changes to the financial aid process (PPY anyone? hint below), and heated discussions about radically overhauling the […]

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Farm & Wilderness – How Camp Should Be!

  This is the time of the year that most families are taking advantage of early bird discounts , or are kicking themselves for missing the deadline. If you haven’t already made a decision  about summer camp experiences, read on as one suspicious teenager falls in love with camp! Oh, and campership has been set aside […]

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