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Students Together Empowering People of Color Successfully

We remember when Horace Mann alumna, Devereaux Mackey, won a school grant to implement her vision for a student resource. “STEPS is everything I never had in middle school and I wanted to create a program where students of color and their families felt supported consistently.” Students Together Empowering People of Color Successfully, has grown […]

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Reviews for (AFRO)DITE: A Black Girls Guide To PWI’s

Click here to purchase {Afro)dite (Afro)dite is not just essential reading for young black girls in predominantly white educational institutions.  If schools are, indeed, committed to the holistic education of all students, Collins’ poetry shows us the radically empathetic vision required to make this an authentic reality.   These are not poems for the faint of heart; they are […]

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Lunch With Gina & Casper talks about racial literacy in curriculum

 If your children are enrolled in independent schools, and as a parent or guardian you are paying attention, then you’re probably advocating for more racial literacy in the curriculum. The importance of racial literacy in our curriculum is the discussion today with Casper Calderola, founder of Pollyanna. There is an essential role in all […]

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