6/2 Parenting Webinar: Open Mouths, Open Hearts Can…

Open Minds, Open Hearts Can Open Mouths-How to Have Fearless Conversation With Our Children

Tue, Jun 2, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Parenting Webinar

Webinar for Parents:

{RSVP} https://riisewebinarparenting.eventbrite.com

Being a student of color in an Independent school comes with its own challenges and pressures. Our children need to know that they can talk with us about whatever is on their hearts and minds. In order this important reality-based webinar Lynne Hurdle-Price will provide the opportunity for parents to:

Discuss how to engage in after-school Conversation not Interrogation

Explore the science of deep conversation

Learn three techniques that Open The Door To Real Conversation

{RSVP} https://riisewebinarparenting.eventbrite.com

In the meantime enjoy podcast:
Two Indy School Moms Talk Parenting

Lynne & Gina

Lynne & Gina

*Lynne M. Hurdle is a conflict resolution strategist, trainer and speaker. Transformational Conflict Resolution, with a focus on social and emotional learning, cross-cultural relations and contemplative practices are at the heart of her work. She engages her clients with presentations designed to create dialogue and teach life-changing skills. Healing old wounds is always an underlying theme as she helps people uncover and speak to the pain in their lives while she continues to do her own work on these issues. As a wife and the mother of two teenage sons, engaging parents is a real passion of hers.
She has spent the last twenty-five years delivering her unique trainings and workshops to clients from Harlem to Hong Kong and from the South Bronx to South Africa. Few people get to teach from a place of life mastery and educational attainment as Lynne does. In addition to living her work she has earned a B.A. in Non-Violent Conflict and Change from Syracuse University and a M.Ed. concentrating in Conflict Resolution from Lesley University.

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