A RIISE Parent Power Welcome From American Promise

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In 1999, when we turned our camera on our son Idris, and his best friend Seun, they were beginning kindergarten at the prestigious Dalton School in New York City. We had great expectations for the boys and were eager to document their journey through school. We were confident that this incredible opportunity would set them on a course for academic success and we wanted to capture it all on film. However, our high expectations fell short as the boys struggled with stereotypes and identity issues, and as parents, we wrestled with doubts and angst over our sons’ futures. This personal experience pushed us to expose the impact of the unique social and emotional needs of black boys on their academic performance.

Earlier this year, American Promisethe product of our 12-year film shoot, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Through our own personal struggles and our children’s triumphs and setbacks, the documentary reveals complicated truths about parenting, puts a face on the unique issues that African-American boys face, and challenges commonly held assumptions about educational access in the 21st century. The film has already garnered conversation, as it becomes part of a greater national campaign to raise discussion on what it takes for parents, educators, and the community to help further the academic success and socio-emotional health of our boys.

As we gear up for our national theatrical release this fall and the release of our book, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with families of color beginning their journey through the New York Independent School system. In addition to the film and book, we have many exciting elements of our social action plan that we are about to launch, including a mobile app, the Promise Tracker which begins beta testing on Monday, May 6th and will be released later this month. Stop by our booth or email us at info@americanpromise.com for details.

RIISE is providing an invaluable resource to families of color and we are honored to be part of this necessary and informative day. We look forward to seeing you at our workshop, Race still Matters: Diversity & Inclusion within Independent Schools and continuing the conversation throughout the day at our booth.

Please visit our website for more information about American Promise. See you Sunday!



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