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My name is Gina Parker Collins, founder of RIISE, parent advocate, educational advisor, author, and passionate indie school mom whose experiences, along with those of others in our community, sets the platform for parents of color to create their own strategy for similar success in independent schools. As I write this post, my nine-year old son is looking over my shoulder adamantly stating “Mom, you do nothing like that!” When I asked him what I do, he responded, “You LIVE for independent schools!”  Well, I do have other passions, but building bridges between families of color and the culture of independent schools is important to me. RIISE’s commitment is to support families and independent schools. We give voice to the experiences of parents and students of color as they navigate the landscape of an independent school education. RIISE also offers schools the platform to promote, attract, and retain diverse communities of excellence. RIISE stresses the 4 R’s: Resources, Roadmap, Research, and Retention to ensure positive outcomes. As we contribute to the legacy of families of color and independent schools, we hope you will join us.

Resources In Independent School Education was founded by Gina Parker Collins in 2009. RIISE is a lifestyle organization bridging the gaps between families of color and the culture of independent schools. We support the recruitment and well-balanced retention of  an independent school education with resources and research that are delivered through events and digital/social media.  Thanks for visiting with us.
Interview With Author of RIISE Roadmap to Independent School Success & Beyond
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“thanks again for the program on tuesday.  sensitive topic handled with honesty and really good information” head of school

“you are doing such great work at a rapid pace. i can feel the bridge getting stronger” director diversity

“we were very interested in this type of workshop, and have discussed this at POC for ages. this one interaction with the girls was powerful and we feel as though we have made progress on this issue” parent & affinity group chair

“thank you for your kind note. I’ve been thinking of you too…I enjoyed the event as well. you always seem to find the nicest people to come to your events and sheri is a pleasure to work with” director admissions

“we now look to become active members of RIISE to compliment the private school experience, share with other like minded parents, and become a part of the fabric that helps our children navigate the system.” prospective parent

“Thank you for making these seminars available. Just being in a room with parents embarking on this journey, hearing that their questions, worries, and fears are the same as your own, gives you the courage to move forward.
I just finished downloading and reading your book which made me feel that this is completely the right path for our family. We’ve wavered over the last couple of months and you’ve given us the confidence to move forward with fervor.” prospective parent