Admissions Now! Quick Tips – #4

We continue this Monday’s Admissions Now! Quick Tips with tips from Abby Katz, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid at Greenwich Academy, in lower Fairfield County, CT. We asked Abby those same four questions many families may not dare ask an admissions representative, and got her perspective. Thanks Abby!

We hope you find these tips helpful on your admissions journey as well. Do share!

Q:  What part of the application process do you value the most?


A:  There isn’t one piece that is more important than another.  It is the sum of the parts.  While the interview is important, we understand that every child isn’t comfortable talking about themselves to a complete stranger.  That’s why teacher recommendations are important and relevant.  While testing is an important part of the file, we are sensitive to the notion that it is one morning of a child’s life, and perhaps she didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or didn’t have enough breakfast.  This is why grades can be very helpful to assess academic achievement and effort.  Again, all the pieces come together and coalesce so that we develop a good overall picture of the student.


Q: What is the biggest pitfall you see for parents or students (older) in the admission process?


A:  Parents should be cautious about conveying their preference as to schools.  You don’t want your child to feel disappointment should your preference be unavailable.  This is probably the first time that your child has been involved in a major decision that affects the trajectory of their lives.  It is the wise parent who demonstrates excitement about the entire menu of choices.


Q:  The competition is tough, how can parents & students best stand out?


A:  By being themselves.  It is abundantly clear when parents have rehearsed answers or students have been coached.  It is our goal to try to get the best genuine “snapshot” of every child and family.  In the end, it serves the family better.  Parents must know their child and be honest in their assessment.  To do so, they must listen to their children and allow them to participate in the admissions process.  To the extent that the child can take the lead, he or she should be allowed to do so.

Q:  What is the best way for a preK/K, MS,or  US applicant to prepare for admissions testing? 


A:  PreK/K- no preparation is best.  We aren’t “testing” 3 or 4 year olds…we are mainly assessing developmental readiness.  MS/US can prepare by buying a test-prep book as are available in the library.  SSAT and ISEE also have many practice tests online.  It’s good for kids to have a practice timed test, since many are not accustomed to those conditions.

Abby Katz
Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
Greenwich Academy



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October 19, to experience excellence in girls education at GA!



*Disclaimer: Admissions Now! Quick Tips and it’s content offered by admissions, parents, and consultants are designed to guide the admissions journey and in no way guarantees admission/enrollment. 



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