Admissions Now! Quick Tips – #6 – Be Encouraged!

The process of applying to independent schools is intense. So, it is very important that you have on your armor, shielded from the well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned naysayers. Your family and your child are not only taking a leap of faith, but moving away from the heard with regards to school choice.

Walk in your vision and surround yourself with people who also share your vision for exceptional education. How will you know them when you see them? They are willing to share valuable insight, tips, and quite simply they will encourage you!

RIISE wants you to be encouraged as you go through the application process and beyond! That’s why we begin both our Fall and Spring diversity recruitment events with powerful keynotes. Last year, the message – ‘Luck Favors the Prepared’ came from Indy School Dad & President of Vibrant Health, Ted Parker. He impassionatley shared what naysayers (educators) had to say about his future and took us through the arduous and not so certain path of purchasing Vibrant Health. Along with his wife Paige, VP of Vibrant Health, they tackled applications and assessments at every turn.

Ultimately, their vision, preparedness, networks, & faith met up with luck – changing the future & legacy of their family. With apparent analogies to the independent school application process, they are convinced that their family’s school choice will also direct the future for their children.


This Sunday, the encouragement continues with 16 schools and the wisdom of Zenaida Muslin. Together we’ll discuss equity, community, legacy, and the future for families of color in independent schools. A groundbreaking leader in independent school education, Zenaida holds a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised, and an M.A. in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Zenaida last spring at The bath of Diocleziano at Rome's National Museum

Zenaida last spring at The bath of Diocleziano at Rome’s National Museum

“I strongly believe that it is crucial that we, parents of children of color, proudly transmit to them a sense of our people’s history emphasizing successes, a sense of culture, as well as a strong sense of home community. This way their long exposure to the white community will not erode their ties to their cultural bases leaving them without a sense of belonging to either the white nor the community of color he/she comes from. This is doable. I am sure many of you are already doing it.”
-Zenaida Muslin, RIISE FBRE14 Keynote Speaker


We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, 10/19, at the RIISE Fall Boutique Recruitment Event at Sarah Lawrence College!

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