Admissions Now! Quick Tip # 8 – Mindset

How did it happen? How did RIISE miss posting our weekly Monday admissions blog? I think it had something to do with exhaustion from the four school events I attended last week. Just shy of 60 days into the school year, and it feels like it’s been months! As a current or prospective independent school parent (faculty/staff as well), undoubtedly you’ve been busy attending events too. I often wonder how we balance it all. Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes, there is no way we cannot.

When we think we can’t physically or emotionally take on another event, it’s the mindset that keeps us going.  With that, we apologize for missing Monday’s weekly admissions post and present Admissions Now! Quick Tips #8 – Mindset. What does mindset have to do with admissions? Everything.

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Admissions Now! A workshop, hosted by member school, Town was done in three parts. Linda Shuffman, Admissions Dir. at Town and Sheri Robertson, RIISE Admissions Advisor kicked it off with procedural & strategic aspects of the admissions process, then I jumped in with the mental!

Equal to dotting i’s and crossing t’s, is the idea of a growth-mindset (that abilities can be developed) which was discovered by motivational researcher, Carol Dweck. The growth mindset over a fixed mindset (abilities are fixed) was one of the last things that Dominic Randolph, Head of School at Riverdale Country urged prospective parents to pass on to their children.

I was curious about how a growth mindset – how we think of our abilities – could fit into the context of the admissions process, and beyond.  What abilities can we (children too) develop that could create an impact on the outcomes?

Here are four abilities that we think can be developed to successfully manage the experience:


ability to see ourselves as ASSETS

Children – your greatest asset – know your child

Partnership – active parenting – read, learn, participate

Resources – cultural, professional, passions, financial

ability to show up as CONFIDENT

Presentation – eye contact, handshake

Dress – choose wisely no matter what they say

Curiosity – asking good open-ended questions


Opportunities – recognize & act on them

Authenticity – bring your whole self to the table

Humility – respect your position and those of others

ability to be RESILIENT

Vision – see the end and walk towards it

Faith – believe the unseen

Plan B – be prepared and willing to walk away, for now

….and finally, bang a right when you hit a wall!


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