Admissions Now! Quick Tips – Post #1

This and every Monday during the admissions season we are going to post tips from parents, admissions directors and consultants to help you manage the process of applying to private, independent schools this season or the next. Already enrolled? Kindly, share it with someone you know.

Today’s Admissions Now! Quick Tips comes from Sarah Lafferty – Admissions, Riverdale Country School. Sarah also recommends two books she enjoyed over the summer that parents can add to their reading list, Ungifted, Intelligence Redefined by Scott Barry Kaufman and Free to Learn by Peter Gray. Thanks Sarah!

Make a Great Impression! 5 Tips for applying families…


This can mean many things, make it mean good things! Smile, shake hands, make eye contact, be gracious, offer a compliment… all the things that would make your parents proud!

It is important that you make a good connection with the person answering the phone and each person you meet in the Admission offices especially the Directors and Admission officers.


#2-Be prepared.

Double check times, directions, and locations!

If it happens that you arrive late or there is confusion on timing-be humble. If you arrive late, own it, and ask if you should reschedule or is there a possibility to squeeze you in for the visit. We are all humans and most offices will be as flexible as possible.


#3-Be Specific.

At an Open House, on a tour or at an interview have specific questions that you would like to ask. Research websites and literature and ask questions about a program or class that interests you and your family.

Hint-avoid asking “Can you tell me about your school” or “How does your school compare to another school”.


#4-Proofread everything.

Just do it…no errors! Applications, essays, thank you notes…all of it!


#5-Relaxed kids have relaxed parents.

Let you child know what to expect at each interview and let them know how you expect them to behave. Please-focus on your child at each visit, no phones, bring a book to read or a special snack to keep them busy during down time.


Enjoy this time with your child, learn about schools and understand what would be a good fit for your child and your family-Best of luck!


*Disclaimer: Admissions Now! Quick Tips and it’s content offered by admissions, parents, and consultants are designed to guide the admissions journey and in no way guarantees admission/enrollment. 

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  1. Zenaida Muslin
    Posted September 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    Very good tips! Also, keep a running pad with your questions and answers given that way you can also compare information from different schools as you visit other institutions.

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