Back to School Tips: Students & Parents

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It’s that time of the year again-“back to school”! September is a great time to start anew. High School in particular is comprised of four important years that can chart a students course for success in college or the workforce. Whether entering or leaving post secondary education, now is the time to prepare.

Here are a few tips for students and parents to stay on track:


-Be organized: make sure to take good notes, and write down assignments. Your notes should be clear, and contain key points. Don’t forget to include due dates and action steps.

-Prioritize: know when all your reports and homework are due. Try to set deadlines for yourself. Tackle your least favorite assignments first; get them out of the way.

-Use time wisely: Leave enough time for yourself to complete lengthy or detailed assignments. Use your calendar or smart phone to set reminders, and updates.

-Ask questions: don’t hesitate to ask questions to gain a better understanding of material.

 -Structure: identify a set time to do homework, and study. Participate in study groups with your peers. Don’t be afraid to share notes and bounce ideas off one another.


-Teachers are your friend: develop good relationships with your child’s teachers. Teachers have knowledge of your child’s behaviors, performance and potential, and so do you. Teachers are a wealth of knowledge and resources about each student.

 -Be involved: check those homework assignments and review test scores. Your child needs your support and reinforcement.

 -Understand strengths and weaknesses: you want to highlight your child’s abilities to boost their confidence or identify tools to increase their skill sets. In the same manor understand your child’s limitations. Additional support such as tutoring, assessments, or even accommodations can lead to academic improvements and increased compensatory skills.

 -Be proactive: parents of Juniors and Seniors continue to talk about college and careers with your children. Encourage civic engagement, internships, and/or college prep classes. College Admissions Counselors are looking for well rounded students in and outside of the classroom. The last two years of college can also be a great bonding experience for you and your high schooler, as you research colleges, academic majors, or job opportunities.

As the new school years begins, remember to stay focused and enjoy the learning experience. Students, teachers and parents working together is a sure sign of success to come.

By: Taniqua Hunter, Transitional Pathways of New York : A professional vocational counseling and assessment consulting firm, specializing in career development for high school students with disabilities. 

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