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Students Together Empowering People of Color Successfully

We remember when Horace Mann alumna, Devereaux Mackey, won a school grant to implement her vision for a student resource. “STEPS is everything I never had in middle school and I wanted to create a program where students of color and their families felt supported consistently.” Students Together Empowering People of Color Successfully, has grown […]

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Lunch With Gina & Casper talks about racial literacy in curriculum

 If your children are enrolled in independent schools, and as a parent or guardian you are paying attention, then you’re probably advocating for more racial literacy in the curriculum. The importance of racial literacy in our curriculum is the discussion today with Casper Calderola, founder of Pollyanna. There is an essential role in all […]

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Thursday Throw Back – End of Summer Indy School Admission Info Session

Thank you, David & Charles, for your expert insight as we approach the independent school admission season! Admission Directors, Charles Guerrero -Ethical Culture Fieldston School, and David Buckwald -Avenues: The World School, will join RIISE founder, Gina Parker Collins and respond to a lightning round of frequently asked admission questions.

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A Boarding School Interview: Susan Mantilla-Goin @ Fay School

We’re counting down to RIISEMV19 Events! In anticipation of the first of two – Building Boarding School Networks on August 12 (join us), we checked in with one of our thought-leader panelists, Susan Mantilla-Goin at Fay School in Southborough, CT, located about 90 miles from the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard! RIISE: Susan, how long have […]

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Dear Parents…

“I watched the classroom like I watched the streets because I knew part of the answer was there.” James Baldwin This weekend, I was inspired to respond to a distressing post I was tagged in. For me, it brought the past thirteen years in community with an independent school altogether as would the last piece […]

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May 8 – Navigating The Independent School Process: School Curriculum

  Ever wondered what elevates an independent school education? What does curriculum look like? How rigorous is it? What enrichment opportunities exist? How culturally competent is it? Is it a good fit for your family? Resources In Independent School Education [RIISE], is thrilled to be back with Mocha Moms Brooklyn on May 8, leading a […]

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RIISE Feature with DiversityIS

We are honored to be part of the inaugural issue of DiversityIS! Read more here. RIISE knows the critical role parents play in the overall success of our children of color in schools. Our independent schools offer tremendous opportunities to excel yet present real challenges with equity, inclusion, and diversity. Public and charter schools struggle too. […]

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Back to School Tips. Ready? Let’s Go.

  Hey, RIISE Fam! FACT: The final days of summer and the start of a new school year is upon us! There is so much to look forward to as we support our kids this new academic year. We put together a few RIISE tips for a smooth transition and a strong start. If you […]

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Sista Spells Abracadabra!

artist: Elon Collins What woman of color didn’t blush as Mehgan Markle ascended the British monarchy like only a Sista could. She defied racial and social status designed for her. Heck, she may have even single-handedly saved the monarchy by redefining convention and inserting her identity as feminist and woman of color. And, what about […]

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Post # 7: What We’ve Learned. Independent School Educators.

Over the years we’ve experienced how the selective process of independent school teacher recruitment benefits overall classroom dynamics, curriculum, and student outcomes. Independent school educators tend to be passionate and empowered about teaching. They come prepared, not just with degrees but areas of expertise. They are enthusiastic and many share their outside interests through after-school […]

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