College Bound.2 Admissions Now! Quick Tip #11

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Back again with a College Bound: Admissions Now! Quick Tip(s) from Brad Battaglia, Director of College Counseling and Director of Diversity at The Birch Wathen Lenox School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Juniors & parents-these tips are for you. It’s rather powerful, thanks Brad!


3 Tips for Juniors & Their Parents When Applying to College

1)   It’s not too early to start researching colleges – I would recommend all juniors purchase a college guidebook at Barnes & Nobel to begin  the process of researching college and universities. The Fiske Guide is quite good, but only contains roughly 10% of the nearly 4,000 colleges and universities that exist in the United States. Still, Fiske is a good place to start. Now, the easy thing is to research schools you have heard of…I would encourage you to focus some time on schools you have NOT heard of…you might be surprised to learn how many great schools are out there that could be a match for you and our interests.

2)  Be a Good Student – It may seem obvious, but sometimes in the rush to earn top scores on the ACT or SAT, students lose sight of the fact that their transcript is the MOST important part of their application to college. If you wish to prepare for the standardized tests, that’s fine, so long as your preparation does not impede your academic studies. Also, students should take as challenging a curriculum as they can successfully handle. Your teachers and counselors can guide you on this particular point, as they know your abilities as well as anyone. Colleges wish to see you taking demanding courses every year of high school and doing well in those courses.

3)  Depth Over Breadth – I would encourage you all pursue outside interests with vigor, and that you look to take on things that matter to you personally. I would also suggest it’s better to do one or two things with great depth as opposed to many things at a superficial level. For instance, if you are a high level athlete or a tremendous musician, you may not have time for much else besides school and sleep…that’s okay. If, on the other hand, you feel somewhat less focused, think about the activities you enjoy most and see if you can make a deeper commitment to those endeavors…perhaps you want to write, sign, dance, design video games, work on a campaign, volunteer, or bake the best pies in the world. Regardless, if it matters to you, there’s a chance you will do it well and with great focus.  Colleges are pretty good at recognizing passion when they see it, so don’t be afraid to pursue – with depth – those things you care about.

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