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This will be my second time at 4RIISE event and I am so excited. At the last session, I came back with a wealth of information and felt empowered and encouraged, so I am looking forward to this one…I am so thankful for 4RIISE!!! Your blogs always seems to answer my questions in regards to this independent school journey.
Current Independent School Parent – Tracy-Ann Kelly

You are doing so much great work at a rapid pace. I can feel the bridge getting stronger!
Director of Diversity, Horace Mann School – Patricia Zuroski

Great turn out! So proud of what you’re doing with RIISE, and I will continue to support however I can.
Director of Community Engagement; Teacher; RCS Alum, Riverdale Country School – Dwight Vidale

I wanted to email you on Sunday to thank you. I left the event feeling totally prepared for the next step. All the questions were clear and the answers on point. Thanks for making this possible for all of us.
RIISE Survey Response – Anonymous Parent

What a good night! I heard from lots of parents that this was a excellent program and one even said it should be mandatory for ALL parents…
Director of Diversity, Birch Wathen Lenox School – Brad Battaglia

Thanks for all the information…That was the most insightful information I’ve Received since I began the process. 
Prospective Independent School Parent – Lynn Karam

With tremendous enthusiasm, and after careful review, I was pleased to join the RIISE family and host our first official event together. Mrs. Parker Collins and her colleagues at RIISE have a genuine knack for enhancing what’s already taking place at other schools.
Head of School, Horace Mann School – Tom Kelly

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