Confessions of a Parent – The Top 10 Frustrations for Parents Considering Independent Schools








It is frustrating…

1.       that there are so many steps to this process of applying to independent schools

2.       figuring out if you should send your child to an independent school or another specialized school

3.       when you do not understand the steps in which to take to apply for an independent school

4.       when you ask for assistance from others who have been through the process but no one wants to share their experience

5.       to go through the whole process realizing there are limited spaces (demand vs number of seats)

6.       deciding which school would best suit the needs of your child

7.       that testing and submitting applications are a much added expense

8.       the amount of time that working parents have to take off to visit schools in addition to scheduling interviews.

9.       when it’s suggested that you should not prepare your child for the ERB tests (not recommended)

10.   when you have to explain to your child that she is still worthy when she is not accepted after going through the long process

The only items that have lifted my frustrations have been meeting like-minded individuals who are willing to assist, who know the struggle and who do not mind walking through the process side by side with me.  You now have a beginning, a first step.  Next item is speaking to my daughter and explaining the process and its importance to her.  So initially, my stress level was at 98% and now I am about at 70% which is good :0)

Thank you RIISE!


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