Dear Family Letter

Our Challenge 2011-2012

Dear Family,

As we embark on a new school year RIISE is focusing on another theme in our educational experience. As a family we have been in the independent school game for five years – and what an amazing roller coaster ride it has been! This short time has required many investments of time and money and should produce a return, whatever that is. For many of us the journey looks something like this…

*Awareness of independent schools as a realistic educational alternative *School selection and application *Offer and Acceptance *Long term financial commitment *Curriculum, learning, character development *Adopting or resisting school culture *Implications of diversity and community development *College readiness and higher learning

The challenge is to get a return at every point along the way with well-balanced retention while campaigning for diversity in recruitment of student body and faculty. It’s work y’all. A huge challenge, but heck, we got through the application process…so, we got this. This year we are thrilled to have provocative conversations and workshops with knowledgeable and passionate thought leaders around the CURRENCY, the capital we bring to the table!


With eyes wide open, we are looking at the realities of what are we spending and what the expectations of the investment are. For a minute consider what the returns can look like…perhaps creation of legacy wealth in our respective families and communities? That is rather powerful and idealistic, but each one of us should have some considerations. Although as a country we are in a fiscal fiasco, we should consider this fertile ground for beginning to realize our responsibilities in it and ways to get out of it.

WEB DuBois recognized the privilege and responsibility of the talented 10th, and we feel communities of color at independent schools are part of this ten percent. Let’s recognize our educational privilege, potential for great returns, real economic empowerment, and go for it.

This year will bring engaging conversations about the privilege of our space and the economic and social empowerment we could expect as a return for our investments. What will we think about, discuss, and manifest with our thought leaders around all of our capital?

Why is your family really at an independent school? What does your family really expect to get out of it? Are your eyes really wide open? How is your family really benefitting from the experience?

We bet is more than just good grades! Family, thank you for your continued participation! We are here to serve you.


Resources In Independent School Education

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