Thank You! The RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™




Thank you to all who participated in our RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™. Many of you went out of your way to make it, traveling distances, bracing through hard rain, and re-arranging schedules. We were honored by your participation. A big shout out to this year’s host school – Riverdale Country School!

What participants had to say:

“Thanks, so much, for running the workshops.  A definite home run!
The sessions were invaluable and I started looking forward to them.  What am I going to do with my free time this coming Wednesday?  
I have to say, that in addition to the information that was shared, the events attracted a great group of people.  The energy was consistently positive and we all came to put in the work and to be real about it! 
You are appreciated.  Thank you for the work that you do with RIISE and for us aspirant indy families.”


“Thank you very much for the open candor last night. I really appreciated you taking the time to create such an inviting space to answer some very relevant questions regarding the realities.
I’ve taken three very important things from the conversation – 
1 – Teach your children to advocate for themselves. I’m a huge advocate for my children. But the next step is teaching them to do it for themselves.
2 – They (us) will need to be culturally competent – in and outside of school.
3 – Don’t get caught up on what you can’t provide. Don’t let it break you down. 
You guys are so positive and really look at all that you are blessed with. That mindset is crucial for our children to see in us, so that they can maneuver through this journey.”


Applying to private independent schools can be intimidating and stressful. Trust us, we’ve been in your shoes!

Resources In Independent School Education is here to help inspire and guide you through the process.

Anxious, unsure, intimidated, and just plain stressed out about the process?
Don’t be discouraged.
The RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™ will help to alleviate the bumps in the road towards academic excellence!

Register now for The RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™, where attendees will:

  1. be encouraged and empowered through the process
  2. gain practical knowledge and be able to apply it
  3. network with and gain valuable insight from families and administrators
  4. and, experience what it feels like to be a part of an independent school community

Riverdale Country School is this year’s host school and will open it’s doors for three distinct and interactive workshop evenings guided by the The RIISE Roadmap to Independent School Success & Beyond . This ‘go-to’ e-guidebook will transform how families of color experience an independent school education.

Mark your calendars. And, register for the RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™ today. Seating is limited.

RIISE Roadmap Workshop Series™

I. Wednesday, Oct .14The Vision: Mindset & Preparedness

II. Wednesday, Oct. 28The Apps: Admission & Financial Preparedness

III. Wednesday,  Nov. 4| The Lifestyle: Managing Expectations & Realities

Time: 6p-8p

Riverdale Country School
5250 Fieldston Rd.
Bronx, NY 10471

Register Here

*Commuter Supper & Childcare will be provided


Note From Host School:
Riverdale Country School is eager to share information and stories about our school and the independent school experience with prospective RIISE families. In the admission office, we love opening our door to new students and their parents, and we look forward to answering your questions and connecting with you in a meaningful way.








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