Early Learning—Oh my…the things we should do!

 It is all about preparing our learners early on! Today’s guest blogger, Sandra Harbison is a thought leader in guidance and counseling preparing learners for success. Thank you Sandra for inspiring young parents with this post!!




As parents and caretakers we ask ourselves, what can we do for our children?

From the time they are in utero, we should begin to prepare for that special person. Everyone remembers the doctor visits, vitamins, and healthy eating advice, but let’s not forget how to prepare baby for life as a child and into adulthood.  Yes, it begins now!

During pregnancy, we should listen to music, sing, and talk to the baby.  Many psychologists now believe that little ones can pick up on the voices they hear before birth.  This behavior also helps us feel less stressed.  This information should help us to understand that we are actually  the first nursery school teachers.

Once our children are born, we should begin to think about the type of personality they have and begin to nurture them. This is how children LEARN.


SPEECH                TOYS                    GAMES               TRIPS             MUSIC

As mentioned earlier, our voice and what we say is the first line of education.


Let’s get back to basics……Pots, Pans, Singing, Nursery Rhymes all play a part in how young minds learn.

Once speech arrives, encourage your child to speak for themselves. Do not answer questions for them.  Also try to speak in sentences to your child at an early age.

Initially,  we should try to remove all electronic and battery operated toys for a while. Electronic devices can take away the ability for initial critical thinking skills.

Help your child become more resilient by allowing little mistakes and assist them with how to bounce back without immediate gratification.

Games like peek a boo, clapping hands, and animal sounds while holding pictures of the animal are also very important.  Baby books made of cloth are also a means of your child learning that reading is fun.

Taking children on trips is a great way for them to learn about the world around them outside of home. For young children, the zoo, parks, and children’s museums, or a ride in the stroller in the neighborhood.  If you don’t have time for this, try starting your own playgroup of toddlers and join other caretakers in libraries or other common spaces.

Remember to:

                       Play outside

                    Jump in puddles

                       Build a fort

                   Read Great Books

                       Run Barefoot

                   GO ON ADVENTURES

                        Try new things

                          Climb Trees

                      Hunt for bugs

                     MAKE MUD PIES

                        Dream big





Sandra Harbison

MEd Guidance and Counseling

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