Exploring the Heart of Cross-Racial Conversations Aboard Unity Flight 2014

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Each generation, each culture, each community, each family, has something to say about race –whether they speak of it or not. These influences shape our world and our thoughts about ourselves and each other.

Please join the Riverdale community as we take flight with conversations that explore the everyday journey of race in our lives and how it affects our ideas about self, each other, and our community.

About the presenters:

LACE CAMPBELL is a Cambridge-based children’s theater director. She is the Executive Director of Beyond the 4th Wall Theatre and Creative Arts Studio.

DEBBY IRVING brings to racial justice the perspective of working as a community organizer and classroom teacher for 25 years without understanding racism as a systemic issue or her own whiteness as an obstacle to grappling with it. Debby now devotes herself to working with white people exploring the impact white skin can have on perception, problem solving, and engaging in racial justice work. Her first book, Waking Up White, tells the story of how she went from well-meaning to well-doing.

NORMA JOHNSON is a healer, inspirationalist and visionary consultant. As a writer, teacher, speaker and performance artist, Norma is known for her ability to move and inspire back to the heart centered place, where all visions live.


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