What is the RIISE network?

Resources In Independent School Education, better known as RIISE is lifestyle network that provides a safe & culturally relevant space for families of color and independent schools to build bridges. We focus on empowering families and schools with diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity initiatives for successful recruitment and retention.

What is an independent school?

An independent school is defined as a non-public primary and/or secondary school that is fully funded by their own resources, not tax dollars. An independent school has an independent board of governors or trustees.

How is a Family of Color defined?

RIISE defines families of color as those who self-select in these terms: Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander, Bi-Racial/Multiracial, Black/African American, Chicano/Hispanic/Latino, East Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American Indian/Alaska Native.

How can I become active in the RIISE network?

Participate with us. Engage in our digital space: blogs, newsletters, workshops, instant polls, social media; register for our live platforms: recruitment events, networking mixers, and workshops. Utilize our resources of publications, affiliate programs, thought leaders, and advisors. If you require more become a RIISE Family Member or RIISE School Member today.

Does my school have to be a member in order for my family to become a member?

While our network grows stronger with the support of member schools, Family Membership and Independent School Membership are mutually exclusive.

What if my child does not currently attend an independent school?

Membership is beneficial to empowering and supporting families seriously considering or enrolled in an independent day or boarding school.

What are the benefits of RIISE Family Membership?

As a RIISE Family Member your commitment to excellence in education, through an independent school, is enhanced and fully supported with cultural, social, and academic references that are critical to your successful journey. Families will gain access to multi-platform lifestyle experiences with member schools focusing on both sustainable recruitment and well-balanced retention of an independent school education.

What are the benefits of a RIISE School Membership?

RIISE Member School’s are taking their diversity and inclusion initiatives to the next level with customized and culturally relevant lifestyle opportunities to attract diverse families of color while supporting current families with safe space opportunities and environments to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.