Four Summer Ideas to Keep the Thinking Cap Thinking!

I.   Did your child take an instrument this school year? Keep those keys sharp and consider a local music lesson for a couple of weeks during the long break. Your child may resist, but when they become that virtuoso, they’ll thank you!

II.   Stay up on the READING. Most grades have a summer reading list, so stick to it. Check out Barnes & Nobles reward for summer reading.

III.   Since testing is still a fact of life for most admissions it may be worth doing a practice session. Check out Bell Curves Test Prep calendar for SAT prep. As for ERB testing, READ, READ, READ – really, it’s the best and most economical preparation for the younger student. But, who doesn’t like free tips when it comes to kindergarten testing? Take a gander, thanks for sharing Annette!

IV.  Family Road Trips can easily turn into solo travel with so many digital devices stealing scenic views and good ole’ conversations. Try enticing the FAM with a really fun road trip game called Rubber Neckers…didn’t think much of this stocking stuffer till it made it into the glove compartment and we decided to play – One Big Happy Family!

V.   OK, could not resist #5. Travel expands the mind, and if staying close to home this summer, don’t forget the great NYC Museums. You can travel the world and back in a day!

Happy summer and keep an eye out for a RIISE Summer Workshop or two!

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