Guest Blog – Sybil St. Hilare of TestRocker: How To ROCK the SAT Essay Section

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In high school, whenever your child has to write an essay they have days to get their thoughts together before submitting the final product. On the SAT your child has just 25 minutes for the entire essay writing process. Believe it or not, this strict time constraint has the power to make or break not just your child’s writing score on the SAT but also their overall SAT score. Time and again, students have fallen into the trap of failing to prepare adequately for the writing section of the SAT. TestRocker is here to change that. We are excited to invite you and your child to our upcoming workshop about conquering the SAT essay section. The event will be open exclusively to RIISE members. What is TestRocker? We are an online SAT prep program that offers students the high-quality content of our ultimate private tutor, Suniti Mathur, at their own convenience.


As a private tutor with over 12 years of experience, Suniti Mathur often illustrates how critical it is to do well on the SAT essay section with the following example: Imagine two students one named Cindy and the other Sarah. Both start with a raw writing score of 40. Sarah then gets an 8 on her essay BUT Cindy gets a 12. As astounding as it may be, that 4-point difference on the essay section translates to a difference of 110 on the writing section of the SAT. Cindy will receive a 700 in writing while Sarah will have only a 590. Who knew an essay held so much weight?



So where does TestRocker come in? We want to help students be prepared for ALL parts of the SAT, especially the essay. Suniti will be hosting this workshop to do just that. The content of our program has been tried and tested. Students on our program have reported score increases of up to 400 points. As TestRocker student Elah H. put it,“It is an amazing program that has everything you need to get a 2400.”


During the workshop, Suniti will equip your child with the strategies and tips needed to get a perfect score on the essay section of the SAT. The good news is that students already know how to write a good essay, but after attending this workshop your child will know how to use those skills to write a great SAT essay.

You won’t just leave our workshop with a foolproof strategy for approaching the SAT essay. Your child will also have the opportunity to sign up for a free on the spot TestRocker consultation. Simply take our free diagnostic test, schedule a personal consultation at the event, and get a customized SAT study plan.


This level of access to both a customized study plan and TestRocker’s entire team of experts, especially Suniti, is unparalleled. Enabling your child to tailor their SAT approach based on their own strengths and weaknesses will give them the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the college admissions process. The unique approach offered by TestRocker will allow your child to study in a smarter and more efficient manner. Think back to your own anxieties walking into the SAT, couldn’t those feelings have been avoided?


Help your child show up on test day exuding confidence! For just $50 your child will master the SAT essay and get a complimentary study plan. To maximize workshop effectiveness registration is limited to 8 students. (Students must be accompanied by a parent). We look forward to having you join us on Wednesday, August 7th! Click here to Register






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