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This is a re-post of Dr Joy Lawson Davis’ latest post – WeAreGifted2…enjoy. And, thank you, Joy for sharing!

We’re midway through the summer break for most educators and families. I hope by now, you’ve had some time for a break, vacation or will be going soon.  If you have more time for summer reading, please consider one of the books below.

These books have been selected because they will help as you reflect on what more you can do to contribute to making a difference for young people in our schools today and thus, change the course of their life chances and success for tomorrow.  I believe that these books should be on every educational advocate’s reading list.

If you have read any of these books, you are among our nation’s more progressive educators, parents, community leaders, political leaders who are truly interested in shaping schools across the nation to more fairly and equitably serve the needs of ALL learners.  (If you have not, you can access each of them by clicking the links below).

The ten (10) books listed here are just a few of the many critical readings that will help you in your efforts to create more effective and culturally responsive classroom conditions in schools everywhere, bring out the best in our children so that more and more of them can reach their highest potential, and help school leaders engage in very important conversations that will challenge the failures of schools in the past while creating new paradigms for successful schools in the future.

Your feedback and additions to this list are welcome!

For the list visit Dr. Law sons Blog Post

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