How We Enriched Our Kids Over The Summer

Hey RIISE, this has been a fantastic year, including a decidedly different and exceptional summer for my kids that I am grateful for. Below is part of an email I sent out to our RIISE Promise Club. Since I got an “I love it!” response from Chapin Mom, Tracey McGruder, spirit moved me to post it. It pretty much sums up what a little change of scenery can do.

How’s everyone’s summer going?

It’s been a great one for my kids. Why? Because they are going to a neighborhood day camp (son) – YCOP, in Westchester & attending a Bronx arts program – BRAC (daughter), where they are surrounded by people of color. For my son, most everyone looks like him, from staff to campers! He is picking up on cultural nuances I know will allow him to navigate two completely different worlds. I think going to an indy school yet staying close to our cultural and perhaps, geographical communities, makes our kids skilled global communicators, persuaders, and change makers, with the ability to have respect and leadership wherever they are in whatever they do. BTW, he is recognized by camp counselors as a leader and was chosen to report on a STEM day recently.

Notice, that earlier I mentioned he is surrounded with people who look like him, well, he does not sound like them! LOL!!! Of course, I prepared him for that, and it was pointed out to him much later in the camp session than I had expected. His response to “you talk white?” “Well, I go to a predominantly white school.” Their response, “I used to use big words like that.” I wonder what makes them think they can’t continue to use and learn more big words?

I’ve attached a link to our google doc with updates you should check out like Ebony’s HBCU Football Classic-GO HU!!!!, Martha’s Vineyard Event-would love to see you, & Promise Club Newsletter – our group will be featured. Enjoy the rest of summer!

I must be totally transparent here and state that a big part of my kids fantastic summer experience has been enhanced by the responsibility of caring for Apollo, the dog they’ve been waiting their entire lives for. LOL!!!







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