In Honor of a Dream…A Personal Invitation


My daughter knows how much I love documentaries. So, I’m glad she turned me on to one called, The Human Experience. This powerful documentary referenced  two quotes that struck me. One was by Viktor Frankl, which basically said, the last of the human freedoms is the freedom to choose one’s attitudes. The other was an excerpt of  a quote by Dr. King. His quote, like the documentary shares the importance of networks and the support systems they provide. The human experience is everything.

“We must rapidly begin to shift from a ‘things-oriented’ society to a ‘people-oriented’ society…” Martin Luther King Jr.


Join RIISE, a network of people guiding kids of color through independent schools, to hear author and noted scholar, Dr. Joy Lawson Davis discuss the journey of the advanced learner,  the cultural diversity issues we must understand, and the strategies to help kids succeed and thrive as students in “the academy”.

NOTE – Event has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 22, 2014 at The IDEAL School of Manhattan. Details are updated in registration link below. We apologize for any inconveniences.



Details & Registration


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