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RIISE considers the independent school experience to be a lifestyle, one in which we clarify ways for families of color to find success getting in and staying in distinguished institutions. Inevitably, we pray for thoughtful leaders who can inspire and guide us on our journey. And we’ve been lucky!

Phenomenal speakers have found us, willing to share their first or second generation indy school experiences and their roads to success. They understand the struggle and rewards of participating in these elite institutions. That is why their voices are so compelling, they tell the stories that encourage us.

Enjoy this brief segment from our last keynote speaker, Pamela Jolly of Torch Enterprises…

Once again, we are super excited about who wants to inspire you! Ted Parker is our keynote speaker for Sunday’s diversity recruitment event. Ted is an awesome dad and an extraordinary business leader. Come meet Ted as he shares how Luck favors the Prepared. Are you prepared?

Ted Parker; President, Vibrant Health

Ted Parker; President, Vibrant Health


Ted Parker joined Vibrant Health as Director of Sales in 2002 and in 2005, Ted became VP of Sales & Marketing, where he headed up the company’s marketing initiatives as well as sales. His educational approach has led to high levels of awareness and understanding of Vibrant Health Offerings.

Creating products with its sole focus on the health and well being of the end consumer has rewarded Vibrant Health with the number one selling green food and the number one selling brand of powdered food supplements with little advertising.

In 2007, Ted and his Wife Paige became the Principle Owners of Vibrant Health. Ted became President.

Before joining Vibrant Health, Ted spent 7 years learning his craft with Xerox Corporation. Ted left Xerox as a Product Manager in 1998 to join as their National Sales Manager. After two years of record growth, Ted accepted an offer from Scholastic Corporation to become National Sales Manager for their fledgling Educational Data and Market Research Division, Quality Education Data (QED). Ted and Paige (his Wife) started Mohegan Naturals in 2000, (a Gourmet/Natural Market in New York).

Ted holds Degrees in Management and Marketing from St. John’s University in New York.

Ted resides in Carmel, New York with his Wife and two children.





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