Love, Admissions.2

Dear Families,

In honor of having navigated the competitive application process, we are back to share more love!

Are you worried that the application process didn’t reflect your family’s capacity or your child’s ability & potential? You are not alone.

The Top 3 Things Parents Worry About:

what my spouse may have said/did during the interview  –
RIISE response – This really did make the top three! Hopefully it wasn’t anything too crazy, but if something was said that made you cringe in your seat don’t worry too much. Interviewers are aware of the stress parents face during this process.

if admission test scores are good enough –
RIISE response: Test scores are just one part of the larger admission puzzle. Read this blog – it really says it all

the financial investment –
RIISE response: Schools don’t get a chance to benefit from diverse talented students without providing financial aid. If cost doesn’t meet your budget we hope you applied for it. One family positively refers to it as negotiating! Remember, acceptance comes first then financial aid awards, if applied for.

Here are some more responses to FAQ’s common to the waiting period, lovingly addressed by Riverdale Country School’s Director of Admission & Enrollment, Jenna King.


RIISE: What does it look like behind the scenes for your admission team now that families are completing required forms, interviews and testing?

Jenna King: The fun part about being in the admission office is that there are many different kinds of activities one has the chance to take part in during the course of the admission cycle. January is a very busy time of year in our offices as we work with families and schools to ensure that files are complete. As my team and I often discuss, this is the time of the year when we have the least contact with our applicant families, which certainly feels a bit strange. However, it’s an exciting time for us too. We get the opportunity to search among our applicants to find the students who are the best fit for our school and program. In all divisions, we are looking for a diverse group of kids who will bring their different interests, backgrounds, and talents to the Riverdale community. As we make our decisions, we have the chance to really shape the student body and community of the school.

RIISE: What advice do you have for families as they wait it out until decisions are made?

Jenna King: As families wait for decisions, they should continue to learn more about the schools they are considering so that when their options become clearer they will have a better sense of which school might be the best fit for their child and family. That being said, families should remember to keep an open mind about the process and not get too attached to any one school. We are fortunate that there are many wonderful schools in the NYC area, and I think it’s best for families to recognize that there are many possible fits for their children. 

Thank you Jenna! Check back again for more Love!



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