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Dear Family Applicant,

We begin today’s installment with the notion of positive thinking.
The stress of waiting for a yes or a no can be lessened considerably with the power of positive thinking.

Expectations, visualizations and affirmations, from the beginning can have a profound effect on the experiences of our outcomes. One indy school parent said that as her family began the admission process she affirmed that a school would be lucky to have them as part of the community. She believed this positive outlook guided every aspect of the application process.

We encourage families to begin to think positively as soon as they start to think of school choice, and to maintain this momentum throughout their educational journey, no matter the outcome.

Our eGuidebook, The RIISE Roadmap to Independent School Success & Beyond – How This Unique Educational Journey Can Benefit Families of Color, referenes choosing the right school among the many types of schools. It is important to note here that an excellent education can happen anywhere as long as the partnership exists between parent and school.

A big thank you goes out to Linda Shuffman, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management at the Town School for answering from among the most frequently asked questions.


RIISE: What advice do you have for families as they wait it out until decisions are made?

Linda Shuffman: Although “ the waiting is the hardest part” parents should feel good about the fact that they have completed a journey with their children during this admissions season. Parents have learned a lot about themselves, their children and their educational goals as a family.

RIISE: Is there still opportunity to apply to your school across the grade levels?

Linda Shuffman: At Town, we accept applications on a rolling basis after the main deadline passes. If we see that an opening may occur due to attrition, we may call an applicant’s parents and begin the process which would include a parent tour, interview and child visit. If a family needs financial aid, they should ask if there is still the possibility of applying for aid after the admissions deadline has passed. Each school is different and some may still have money in their financial aid budget while others will not.

RIISE: How should families proceed if they don’t receive letters of acceptance?

Linda Shuffman: If you don’t receive a letter of  acceptance and are placed on waitlist(s) please notify the schools immediately if you want to stay on the waitlist. When you speak to the Admissions Director ask how often you should call or email to check in to find out if a spot has opened up. Some Directors don’t mind a daily phone call, others may want to contact you instead. If you receive a call offering a spot, remember that you have the reply deadline to return your contract and deposit but if  you want to enroll you should return the contract/ deposit right away. If you don’t receive an offer during the decision time please tell the Director if you are willing to wait to see if a spot opens up during the spring or summer. If you do not receive any offers of admission you may want to apply to a broader range of schools next year.  For example if you only applied to single sex schools maybe look at some coed options or if you only looked an NYC high schools maybe consider boarding school options. Although it is difficult, try to maintain a positive attitude and try again.

Great answers, Linda. Thank you!


More love to come,



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