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Dear Family Applicants,

There may be a few loose ends like a pending interview or test date, but for the most part your role in this rigorous application process is over. Job well done, family!!!

Because we’ve been there, we expect you may be experiencing a bit of anxiety as you wait for notification. In fact, one of our RIISE member families is dealing with their anxiety by marking off days on the calendar until they expect to receive notification. Although we believe this will only serve to heighten any anxiety, knowing a school’s notification date should allow you to exercise faith and go about your day.

Notifications have evolved since we were a part of the process. Gone is the more gentle notification that a large or a small envelope could offer. Today, most notifications are generally announced with a loud ping of your electronic mailbox.

To ease the stress of waiting, we’ve asked the decision makers to share some love now, when our families need it the most. Admissions is swamped so we’ve only asked them to  answer just two questions from among the 10 FAQ’s we came up with.

Today’s love is spread by Abby Katz, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Greenwich Academy!



RIISE: The shoe will soon be on the other foot. How should families navigate their decision making process?
Abby Katz: At Greenwich Academy, we encourage a special student visit for all accepted students.  This is a wonderful and informative opportunity for students and families to explore the uniqueness of a GA experience.  Meeting teachers, visiting classrooms, and spending time with fellow classmates provide insights that cut through the perceived formality of the interview, the guided tour and the predictable anxieties intrinsic to the application process.  Any and all questions are fair game, and will be addressed candidly and openly.  


RIISE : Is there still an opportunity to apply to your school across the grade levels?
Abby Katz: Yes!  Though our formal deadline is December 15th, 2015, we accept rolling applications and are always interested in meeting new families.
We thank GA for today’s LOVE, and encourage you to check back soon for some more LOVE!


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