You’ve Gotta BELIEVE—Awaiting the Decision


photo credit: S. Mignott

photo credit: S. Mignott



It’s about to get real in a hot minute!

Keenly aware of where she will be this time next year with the independent school admission process, a mom of a three year old and a six month old is hyper-aware of the conversations buzzing around her, “…all the chatter in the nyc trains is about Kinder acceptance letters. heard two moms talking about being on pins and needles this morning waiting for next friday!”

As RIISE assists this mom with a strategic jump on the 2017-18 admission season, we are also helping her and others manage the STRESS OF ANTICIPATING A DECISION. It’s true—at this time of the year anxiety is in the air! If you dared to take the journey—above all things you’ve gotta BELIEVE in everyday miracles!

The next thing you need to do is understand what’s about to happen next. This knowledge can bring the stress level down tremendously and better prepare you for your next move. Get a handle on it before it gets a handle on you.

10 wise stress reducing considerations:

  1. Rip off the band-aid and open that email! If for some reason decision comes via snail mail, then size of the envelope will say it all.
  2. Go back to your list and see where you landed. First, second, third choice? No choices?
  3. Got choices and money ain’t a thing? You’re golden. Decide and advise ASAP. What you don’t want someone else will.
  4. Got choices but money is a thing?
    1. respectfully request a review for more aid. It can’t hurt
    2. decide and advise ASAP. what you don’t want someone else will
  5. Got just one offer? Go back to #3 or #4.
  6. Waitlisted?
    1. if your best choice is waitlist and your second to best is an offer, watch that deadline date and do the right thing
    2. if your only choice is a waitlist, decide if you want to stay on list by notifying the school and check in periodically
  7. If you don’t get in to any schools on your list take a deep breath and decide immediately if you want to apply again—more than likely you should.
    1. gain insight from schools by respectfully asking how application can be more attractive next time
    2. then strategize with a new roadmap
    3. move along with plan b
  8. No offers only means what you say it means. Repeat…it only means what you say it means. Don’t let facts become your narrative. Check your mindset and move ahead.
  9. Trust and believe that where you land is divine and your child’s potential is still very much dependent on your guidance and unconditional love.
  10. No matter the outcome you and your family are better for the experience.

If you made it through this highly competitive and selective process congratulations—now the real works begins. We won’t leave your side.

If you are going to try again or you are just beginning the process of applying, RIISE is here to help you create your roadmap.

Above all, don’t stop believing! And, we look forward to being of service.

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