Post #2: What We’ve Learned. Preparing for College.

Whoo-hoo! My daughter is completing her junior year at an independent school, and, I am absolutely thrilled to help support her search for a great college. Over the years, we’ve received sage advice from those who’ve already grabbed the brass ring. Here are three things we’ve learned that should take the edge off of applying to colleges.

1. Hands down, an independent school more than adequately prepares students for the competitive, and depending on the college, highly selective admissions process.

2. College Placement Offices run a tight ship in order to post impressive college destination lists. This does not mean that students and parents don’t have the final say. What it does mean is that independent schools greatly benefit from getting students into great colleges.

3. There will be less anxiety for all if we let our children steer their own ship. It is up to them to choose an HBCU (a great episode of Black-ish), a small liberal arts college, a highly-selective art school, a university a thousand miles away from home, or one that’s in the heart of a city and has no core curriculum.

I should add another. Standardized tests still matter. Unless the school is test-optional early introduction and preparation can only help.

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Of course, there is more to consider when looking at colleges. You’ll find this throw-back post helpful!

**After posting this blog, the NYT Opinion section published this article How to Level the College Playing Field, adding a much-needed voice to the wealth gap and affording college.






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