Post #4: What We’ve Learned. Independent defined.

Kerry Marshall’s SOB, SOB


def: self-governing: not requiring or relying on something else: a person of independent means

To be enrolled in an independent school as a family of color is the very essence of independence. It is the act of being ambitious and brave. It is an act of non-conformity.

The collective desired outcome is that our children-our greatest investment will take full advantage of the excellent educational opportunities independent schools offer. We believe the future to be bright for our kids, equipped with knowledge and experiences to have better control of their lives, to be self-sufficient, compassionate human beings who add value to communities.

Independent is also defined as showing a desire for freedom.
Many families of color have long felt that a quality education is the only way to free oneself from the many social justice ills marginalized people face. However, it is no protection from the knowledge of the white gaze in predominantly white spaces challenging our very beings, in search of excellence in education.

An independent school education is spectacular! I can’t say that enough. I know because as enrolled parents it continues to be a worthwhile investment we are making with our children of color. Though, I don’t know if that would be the case -if we could escape the judgment of just being, if we did not speak to the ability to be oneself, not invisible, but recognized and acknowledged for the unique perspective and valuable culture we bring.

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