Requirements: Advocacy & Engagement


Chaz Elon Sr Fresh

This school year is extra special! Having started our indy school journey with kindergarten, my kids are now bookends in upper school -a freshman and a graduating senior! [Applause] Thank you, thank you.

Parents, we make huge investments (our kids & our money) in choosing an independent school education. We’re busy holding it down and all together, but let’s not underestimate the power of investing in visibility and voice. It can have a tremendous payoff for our amazing kids and the entire school community. We bring so much value to our institutions.

My kids are thriving and not just surviving in an independent school because of parent advocacy and engagement. It is very intentional. It can look different between parents. But, one thing is for sure, showing up is everything! It can make things happen. Consider how you’ll advocate and engage this year, and start now. Don’t wait until you have to rely on those relationships.

We should hold schools and ourselves accountable by first building relationships.

  • Make it your business to engage with your head of school & other admin.
  • Support recruitment with the admission team.
  • Partner & volunteer with a diversity of parents & educators to build community.
  • Acknowledge and thank the staff that looks out for the kids.
  • Make suggestions for equitable and inclusive curriculum.
  • Respectfully push back when you need to.
  • Challenge the status quo with thoughtful suggestions when necessary.
  • Walk alongside, and ahead in support of your children of color navigating independent school culture.

Not sure how to build or manage those valuable relationships? Have little to no time to do it? Are you struggling with a challenge? Perhaps, you have a success story you want to share. RIISE is here for all of that through advocacy and engagement. So, stay close and reach out to us directly ( got you!

Like many independent school families of children of color, we have a vision, we keep our eyes on the prize, and we have a responsibility.

How will you advocate and engage this year?



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