Restating Our Purpose: Legacy

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A new school year provides a new opportunity for RIISE to restate its purpose—creating alliances for legacy through education. We do this by building bridges between families of color and the culture of independent schools.

The idea of RIISE took shape in 2009, one year after our daughter’s first day of school. Underrepresentation, in many areas, was starker than imagined. In spite of this, we’ve gone on to benefit from an extraordinary education. In addition, we’ve accessed unique experiences, engaged with leadership and took on key roles to help make our school community even better than the first day in ’09. 

RIISE has since advised hundreds of families on ways to access, navigate, interpret, & clarify independent school culture in support of children of color who thrive. We collaborate with thought leaders and member schools who value and believe in diverse, inclusive, equitable and culturally competent communities.

We hope you join us on this important journey.

All the best,


Gina Parker

Gina Parker Collins
founder | advocate | advisor | author

RIISE – Resources In Independent School Education 

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