RIISE Introduces Catalyst & Invites You!





RIISE is thrilled to be working with Catalyst to make test prep fun! We hope your college bound student checks out what makes Catalyst POPular!



What is Catalyst

Catalyst is providing a refreshing approach to preparing for the SAT and ACT.  By infusing their curriculum with humor and pop culture references, students remain engaged and motivated during a very stressful time. The SAT and ACT are notoriously boring exams, but learning to ace them doesn’t have to be.  The curriculum developers at take the actual SAT and ACT every time they’re given to gain insider knowledge of these exams, and we pass our expertise to students with patience, understanding, and a welcome sprinkling of humor and creativity. Catalyst is so unique that they have been featured in TIME and CNBC.  So, can you really learn something by keeping up with the Kardashians?


Who is Saxonny? What kind of name is that?

The Manager of School Partnerships, Saxonny Rich (more on the name and how important education is to Saxonny’s mom in another post), is thrilled to be partnering with RIISE.  She is responsible for introducing Catalyst’s creative, non-stress-inducing approach to exam preparation to students throughout New York City.  Prior to Catalyst, she was a middle and high school math teacher. Born and raised in Buffalo, she has made her way from Harlem to the Upper West Side, and is now nestled in at home in Fort Greene, which she claims has incredible restaurants. Aside from her “day job”, Saxonny was honored to be a Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Fellow and is a founding member of All Star Code.  She understands the importance of students having access to educational opportunities in order to reach their goals and is committed to helping families as they navigate the college admissions process. Saxonny is having a blast working with families around New York and is looking forward to the first ever RIISE/Catalyst event happening on Saturday, November 22nd. 


Wait. What’s happening on November 22nd?

SAT Mock Test, Candid Conversation, and Pizza.

Sitting for an SAT mock test is a great opportunity for juniors and seniors to simulate the testing experience in a proctored setting.  The SAT is…wait for it…3.75 hours long, that’s 3 hours and 45 minutes, but we know you already know that. That’s a long time to be sitting, and thinking, and sweating, and thinking so this is a great opportunity to have that experience and receive feedback in a non-punitive way.  Some parents are saying, why isn’t my freshman or sophomore invited? By all means, they’re certainly welcome to attend but be aware that with the changes occurring to the SAT in 2016, this isn’t the same test that they’ll be taking. Ok, back to the agenda. After the mock test, on the same day, there will be an open discussion around parental concerns including when students should begin prepping for college admissions exams. At a later date, RIISE and Catalyst will host a “Score Back Night” where the mock test scores will be shared with families, additional details forthcoming.

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