RIISE Member Schools Share BestPractices

Calhoun – we appreciate our decidedly progressive school and the work of their parents:
Kimberly Burgess, Chair of Parents of Multicultural Conversations-PMCC shares a great children’s book: Celia Cruz-The Queen of Salsa by Veronica Chambers. Ms. Chambers gifted the group with signed copies of her book and they took advantage of the gift by hosting a successful LS parent/student book reading event complete with Salsa lessons!


Riverdale Country School – just launched wellness@Riverdale! This informational blog focuses on social, emotional, and health-related topics designed for parents of middle school-age children. The blog was created by MS/US counselor KC Cohen and Consulting Psychologist Josh Gold. The blog is a great one stop resource for parents who are trying to stay ahead of the game and successfully support and connect with their kids during this transitional time in their lives. Many thanks, from a MS Mom!

Horace Mann School – Alum Frances Ikwuazom touches base and shares what made it work for her…

Why did you and your family decide to attend a private school, and do you think your educational opportunities would have been different at a public school?
I wanted to attend Horace Mann because of the numerous opportunities at the school to participate in extra curricular programs that would allow me to learn beyond the classroom. I knew that by attending Horace Mann, I would be able to explore my interests in the performance arts and the visual arts, and I would be given the resources to integrate them with my courses in other subjects and my community service activities.
There’s More…

Léman Manhattan School – recognizes a distinguished and accomplished Advisory Board who will provide 10 new scholarships to HS students that show academic excellence in areas such as business and economics, international understanding, science and the arts!

Birch Wathen Lenox School – is working deeply on creating culturally responsible classrooms through professional teacher development with Dr. Susan Branche . And the work is not done… a few BWL faculty members are part of a focus group, White Anti-Racist Allies in Independent Schools, which was born out of PoCC a few years ago, they meet regularly here in NYC. Glad to have you on board BWL! Check out their RIISE Feature Page

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