RIISE Newsletter – Parents The Time Is Now

Can’t say it enough,

parent engagement is critical!

There are infinite ways to engage as a parent. And, engage we must! There is too much going on in the world and in our schools not to be.

In fact, it is borderline negligence to be absent from our elite school communities. We have to be aware and active -always.

Without engagement, it’ll be a challenge to advocate* effectively or have the agency* you’ll need at the precise moment you need it! Trust – you’ll need it.

Without it, you won’t know what exceptional co & extra-curricular opportunities exist for your child to experience and benefit from.

Parents & guardians, how you engage it is up to you. Just do it. It is critical to the overall success – emotionalsocial, and academic of students of color.

One way to engage is to attend events!

Showing up can be tough for various reasons, but we’ve gotta do it! If it’s a mindset thing -you’ve earned your place. You & your family belong and your experiences matter. Commit to school events you should and can attend.

You’re invited to two events in the NYC area! 

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