RIISE Spotlight with Greenwich Academy’s Abby Katz – Dean of Admissions & FA


RIISE is thrilled to brand and promote our newest member school, Greenwich Academy.
Located about 25 miles from NYC, GA is situated on an incredibly beautiful campus in downtown Greenwich, CT, convenient to both Westchester and Fairfield counties.

The all-girl, Pre K-12 college preparatory’s physical space challenges and encourages academic achievement , character development and innovation. At Greenwich Academy, diversity & inclusion is a seamless and robust part of the curriculum and school culture, strategically supported by Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Gloria Fernández-Tearte. 

GA works as a team in providing equitable opportunities for families of color to consider and benefit from their private, independent all-girls education. Abby Katz, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, is part of that team, and we asked her two questions:

What does recruitment of diverse families mean to the Greenwich Academy community?
“At GA, student diversity is the essential rock bed precondition necessary to cultivate an educational environment, which is stimulating, invigorating, and enriching. We are committed to developing a student and parent body from an array of backgrounds, be it ethnic, religious, cultural or philosophical. We strive to spark dialogue and creative exchange. We encourage collaboration and independent thinking. Diversity provides the pathway. Diversity predictably guarantees unpredictable refreshing new ideas. Diversity leads to challenging exchanges and contemplative assertions and concessions. Diversity transforms ordinary to extraordinary. Diversity translates into excellence!”
What should families know about navigating GA’s admissions process?* “The admissions team is always ready and able to speak with any and every applicant.”
* “No component of the admission file (interview, grades, testing, recommendations) matters more than another. We evaluate the composite.  We strive to identify applicant strengths that allow for a good fit. We want it to work.”…thank you Abby!
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Come to our Parent’s Reception, and meet Abby, Gloria, Molly King-Head of School, and the girls they educate,
next Thursday evening, May 1.
RSVP required
To receive this special invitation, email us at gpc@4RIISE.org


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