RIISE Summer Series: What Did You Do Over The Break?, with Elon Collins, 8th Grader, Riverdale Country School


Elon Collins - RCS 8th Grade, RIISE Student Advisor

Elon Collins – RCS 8th Grade, RIISE Student Advisor


Indy School Girl & RIISE’s newly elected Student Advisor (thanks in advance for accepting your post Elon! XO, Mom) shares a summer of growing up she won’t soon forget!

RIISE: As you look back to the beginning of summer break, did you expect to have the experiences you had? What surprised you?

EC: No, in the beginning of summer I definitely didn’t think I’d make the connections I did. The first biggest surprise was when I started a design camp called BRAC (The Bronx River Art Center). I participated in one of their programs, TPS (Teen Project Studio), for an intensive 5 weeks of working with various teachers/artists using the computer and a 3D printer to make designs. We used programs such as SketchUp, Sculptris and Rhinoceros. As an artist, I had never ventured into the realm of computer design. It was a whole new experience. I also made good friends within the group, one of which I still keep in touch with now. The second biggest surprise was actually enjoying regular camp at the Y in Martha’s Vineyard. Again, I made many friends and am looking forward to spending more time with them next summer. I worked as a CIT (Counselor In Training), helping out with the different age groups of the camp. By far, my favorites were the Crackerjacks, the youngest in the camp. We played tons of games, and while I was only there for a week, it was a blast.


RIISE: In what ways do you think your experiences have shaped or prepared you for the upcoming school year?

EC: They’ve definitely helped shape my social & leadership development. I want to reach out more and have more of an impact, even if in small ways. Camp definitely prepared me for the early school hours too!


RIISE: What was the most memorable experience?

EC: Wow, that’s hard to choose! Probably camp in the Vineyard. I say this because I’ve been going to MV for years and I think this is the first time I feel like I had an actual social life. I got to go out at night with my friends and get ice cream. I felt a lot more mature like it was my space and not just family vacation. It was definitely an experience to remember. All in all though, this summer has been absolutely magnificent.

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