RIISE Webinar – From Bullying to Branding: How Parents Can Help Kids Protect & Promote Their Digital Brand

Upcoming RIISE Parenting Webinar

From Bullying to Branding

How Parents Can Help Kids Protect & Promote Their Digital Brand

The future is now, and it’s turning parenthood up-side down as we scramble to monitor the amount of time our middle and upper school kids are spending on social media.

 Join RIISE to discover the future of social media and how to help our kids create impactful brand images for future success.

 Next Monday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. ET, join BPeters Consult’s award winning Social Media Entrepreneur, Brian Peters as he maps out ways parents can help influence their kids online presence and image for success including:

  • Shared social media stories that positively impact future success of iY Generation

  • Introduction to social media tools used to create personal brand success

  • Identifying social media disrupters to academic, professional, & social success

  • Unique digital brand image opportunities that can take  iY Gen to the next level







About the Speaker: Brian Peters is an Award winning Social Entrepreneur whose companies have won numerous awards, including the Best New Business Idea Award by Visa and Bank of America; nominated for “Most Innovative Franchise” Food Network Awards; and Architect of the Best Online Community Webby awards 2012.
Brian stays ahead of new opportunities in social media marketing by cultivating brands like Microsoft Xbox, Viacom, the Borough of Queens, the NFL Players Association and Sony to be prominently featured in established media markets like Extra!, CNBC, Fox Business, and news outlets like the NY Post.
Currently lecturing at colleges and facilitating workshops for “Branding Your Online Self & Professional Networking Etiquette – from Students to Professionals”, Peters graduated from both The Calhoun School & University of Maryland. Brian continues to be a leader and visionary furthering his legacy of excellence.

This digital workshop is presented by RIISE Member, Columbia Grammar & Prep School. It is open to all and at no cost for the entire CGPS community. Resources In Independent School (RIISE) is a lifestyle organization building bridges between families of color and the culture of independent schools – www.4RIISE.info.


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